Materialism – A common Issue With Modern Generation .

Posted by Aishika Ghosh
December 24, 2017

Human life is a gift of God. It is believed that after many births we take the form of humans . A person is not good or bad by birth but the family and society makes them bad or good . A person is known with his thoughts and actions . Humanity is the quality of being human . This comprises of the ability to love , respect and establishing peace in society .

The philosophy that nothing matters except material possessions and comforts is a common thinking of the youth . This cannot be only blames on the youth but the family members also become responsible for this . We teach our children that the measure of success and happiness in life is how much stuff we have and his habit of fulfilling the needs go to that extend where the children forget their moral values . The kids even have the problem of taking “no” from their family and unfortunately it leads to devastating consequences in the future .

The increasing number of old-age homes are the proof that sentiments and moral values have gone down. Children become independent and successful in every aspect of life . Eventually they live their life on their own terms but this young generation forgets the hardships of elders , the loneliness in their aged life . The youth forgets that only material things cannot give us ultimate happiness . Spending time with our family , discussing the major problems of life is as essential as earning money .

The relations which we build outside our family is also important . We are incomplete without friends but still the people whom we give utmost importance eventually become judgmental . Parties , hangouts in expensive places , spending the hard earned money of the family by teenagers have become very common . But when any difficult situation comes these people whom we tag as “best friends” back off . The worst thing is the tendency of back-bitching . At some point of their life we become everything and after sometime they lose contact. These people teach some lessons in life and then leave us forever and making us forget them .

Everyday we com across so many cases of violence , sexual harassment , murder and many crimes which ultimately lead to the extinction of humanity . Still 70% of criminals roam carelessly across the streets . Only 10% of crimes are reported . Every 2 minutes there is rape , murder and kidnapping of a person . No one is a born criminal but still 80% of the criminals are aged from 20-30 . The needs are never finishing and the unfinished needs eventually lead to degradation of humanity .

We need to make the youth understand the importance of compassion , tolerance and unconditional love and respect . This change can be brought from the way of upbringing the children . The parents need to be strict and not fulfill their every requirements . Teenage is a very important phase in our life . The hormonal changes brings mental stress as well . The family members should be interactive with the children at this stage of their life. Beating and unnecessary scolding is not the way of handling their views . Sex Education is a must for every teenager . The peer pressure , the idea of trying something new , etc . must be communicated with the family so that we can less materialistic and build a society of civilized people .