How An Expelled Congress Leader From Gujarat Helped Modi Beat Rahul Again!

Posted by shakeel ahmad in Politics
December 24, 2017

Where Rahul Gandhi loses control, Narendra Modi takes control. This has become clear after the BJP’s total strength in the Gujarat assembly increased after independent MLA Ratansinh Rathod decided to provide his ‘unconditional support’. Even though the BJP failed this time to cross double digits since they managed to secure only 99 seats, it managed to reach three digits with some help.

It is a case of success for the BJP. Especially since Ratansinh Rathod was a one-time Congress leader.

He was expelled from the Congress party this year after he refused to withdraw his nomination from the Lunawada constituency, even though Congress had fielded another candidate.

He won the Gujarat elections by defeating the BJP candidate. What a U-turn! He defeated the BJP contender but shook hands with the same party leaders.

Does it not seem as if the Congress got beaten due to diplomacy? The man Congress failed to make happy in its fold joined hands with the BJP. When the Congress did not field him in the elections he contested as an independent candidate. The BJP lost no chance of getting him to the saffron fold.

The political platform has not disappeared for the freshly elected contestant. He might get a portfolio in the new government. His support has given a new energy to the BJP which can now boast of its overall tally going up to one hundred.

Image source: Narendra Modi/ Facebook