36 Songs About Women Loving Women You Must Have On Your Playlist In 2018

Posted by Shambhavi Saxena in Cake, Culture-Vulture
December 19, 2017

Remember that time we were so starved of good music that queer women could relate to, that all we had was Katy Perry’s partly provocative, partly gimmicky song, “I Kissed A Girl?” Word on the street is things are still pretty sparse for women-loving-women (wlw) when it comes to building our playlist. But not to worry! Trawling the interwebs has yielded some pretty kickass results that we think you’ll enjoy loads. So, if you’re looking to don ye now your gay apparel, or listen to as you gayly make your way to work, or you want to make a mix-tape for the wlw in your life, these 36 selections are for you!

“On Parade” – Electrelane

This all-girl Indie rock band from England will get you tapping your feet with this 2004 track!

“She” – Dodie Clark

This tranquil little acoustic tune will probably fill your brain with a bunch of nice memories, so sit back, relax, and enjoy it.

“Valerie” – Amy Winehouse

One of the richest voices on the English music scene, Winehouse’s passing has sure left a huge hole. Thankfully, we still have this lovely cover of The Zutons’ song in her unparalleled style.

“Marceline” – Willow

Teen artist Willow Smith’s song is inspired by cartoon girlfriends Princess Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen, from the Cartoon Network hit “Adventure Time”.

“Girl I Met On The Internet” – GIRLI

Here’s a fun electronica song featuring septum piercings, dyed eyebrows, house parties, and – you guessed it – a girl who wants a cute chick on her arm.

“Something” – Julien Baker

Queer singer-songwriter Julien Baker will definitely tug at your heartstrings in this one.

“Forbidden Fruit” – Toya Delazy

Three time South African Music Awards winner Toya Delazy’s electro/hip-hop song has some Biblical questions here. But she gets to praising her “forbidden fruit” pretty quick. Plug this into your speakers, and turn your living room into a club dance floor.

“Pickles From The Jar” – Courtney Barnett

Written about her former partner Jen Cloher, the dancy grunge guitar of this song perfectly matches Barnett’s list of things that make her and her girlfriend so different.

One Hour More – Sleater Kinney

One of the riot grrrl movement‘s most prominent groups, when the band began, guitarist Carrie Brownstein and singer Corin Tucker were going through a break up. And that was the fuel behind this track!

“Lesbian Anthem”

From the movie “Ladies and Gentle Women”, this passionate Tamil song follows both urban and rural wlw couples, and it is simply gorgeous!

“Come To My Window” – Melissa Etheridge

Nothing spells out ‘longing’ the way this song does.

“Know Your Name” – Mary Lambert

This video is set in an arcade, featuring a bunch of amazing women, and a mysterious someone (no spoilers!) who plays our singer’s rival/love interest. The trope is pretty old, but this one has girls, so it’s definitely 100% better.

“Girls Like Girls” – Hayley Kiyoko

The song deceptively starts with the word “Boy”, before moving on to the much more cheeky “stealing kisses from your missus”, and that unforgettable refrain, “girls like girls like boys do, nothing new.”

“Strangers” – Halsey ft. Lauren Juaregui

Easily one of the most catchy songs of recent times, queer pop star Halsey teams up with Fifth Harmony’s Lauren for a powerful, achey-breaky song about drifting apart.

“Ode To A Gym Teacher” – Meg Christian

This fun live recording has a certain nursery rhyme ring about it, but it tells a sweet story of a high school girl in love with – guess who?

“Bad Liar” – Selena Gomez

Taking a leaf out of Meg Christian’s book, Disney kid Selena Gomez plays multiple roles in this ‘70s inspired video, including (wink wink) a gym teacher. And if you think the bass line is catchy, wait for the gay twist at 3:33!

“Khwab Ban Kar Koi Aayega” – Lata Mangeshkar

You can try your darnedest to say this song isn’t about women loving women, but unless our eyes deceive us, there’s some pretty queer stuff afoot here!

“Crimson and Clover” – Joan Jett

If you aren’t already in love with rocker chick Joan Jett, you might just be after her rendition of Tommy James & The Shondells’ 1968 song.

“Nights With You” – MØ

We’re fans of any song that begins with an affirmation for women. This song takes it up a notch, by being about same-sex attraction.

“Sweet Woman” – Cris Williamson

If you’re looking for a rainy-day composition to curl up and sip tea with, you might enjoy this soft ballad.

“If It Isn’t Her” – Ani Difranco

Ani’s distinct voice blends with the quick finger-style picking guitar to give you this beautiful song about “a girl-girl thing“.

“She’s So Lovely” – The Butchies

With that fun punk rock vibe, you’ll be dancing in your bedroom to this track!

“I Kissed A Girl” – Jill Sobule

For a sweet country Church sounding number, this one gets pretty gay pretty fast, and we love it.

“Lost On You” – LP

Laura Pergolizzi, whose stage name is LP, has written for music giants like Cher, Rihanna, the Backstreet Boys and Christina Aguilera, and as of 2015, she began making her own music. This track is definitely an ear worm you’ll want!

“All The Things She Said” – t.A.T.u.

If you grew up in the ’90s, chances are you remember this rather bold video by Russian duo Julia Volkova and Lena Katina. Yes, some of our wlw feelings were crushed when we found out those googly eyes were a huge pretense, but the song doesn’t get any less queer.

“Drive” – Melissa Ferrick

Easily the most explicit song on the list, Ferrick really “drives” home (ahyuk) the point about raw female sexuality in this one.

“Boyfriend” – Marika Hackmann

With some serious throwback to early ‘90s girl rock, we see the return of the deceptive first line: “I’ve got your boyfriend on my mind“, before the singer goes full gay. Bonus: the song is also a huge diss to people who think women can’t be in love with women.

“Only A Girl” – Gia

The 20-year-old artist has said this song “represents girls all around the world who have experienced a relationship with another girl. It is who I am and what I like. I feel many girls will relate to it.”

“Girls” – Beatrice Eli

This song has a bit of a Thom York “Hearing Damage” feel in the beginning, but get rid of those “Twilight: New Moon” memories. “I’ve got the girls on my mind all the time,” goes the pre-chorus, and if you do too, you’ll like this song.

“On Your Side” – The Veronicas

Directed by and starring everybody’s Australian heartthrob Ruby Rose as well as her partner and one-half of The Veronicas, Jess Origliasso, the song features unicorn onesies, a bar fight and sparklers in a swimming pool. Or you know, you could just focus on Rose.

“Horizon” – Luna Blake

A fantasy setting, fluffy woodland animals, tonnes of flowers and two girls in love – what more do ya need?

“There She Goes” – Sixpence None The Richer

In this one, American singer Leigh Nash puts a lovely sapphic twist to a cover of The La’s 1988 song by the same name.

“When She Loved Me” – Sarah McLachlan

Lie down on the floor, try not to cry, cry a lot.

“She Used To Be Mine” – Sara Bareilles

If you thought you were done with crying, exercise caution here. You may end up bawling your eyes out with this one, because (as the title suggests) this is about loss.

“Stockings” – Suzanne Vega

This 80s pop-folk number goes down like a smooth gin and tonic when you hear the lines “Do you know where friendship ends and passion does begin?

“Girlfriend” – Icona Pop

A breezy electro-pop song that goes “All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend,” and doesn’t that sound perfect?

Ever since Greek poet Sappho began writing her beautiful verses in the 6th century, history has been scattered with fragments of queer love between women. And today, we’re lucky to have these singers and songwriters carrying forth the baton. Each in their own way remind us that sapphic love is here, has been here, and isn’t going anywhere. And we’re all the more glad for it!