My first sex education to become the mother

Posted by Ekta Jain
December 12, 2017

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I still remember the day, when my sister taught me about Sex. Indeed, sex is a simple word in my dictionary. I had sex with my boyfriend. It is as simple as eating food or drinking water. For me, sex is the most erotic feeling. You explore more about your sexuality. He explored my sexuality; we made love and seduced each other. Everything was perfect, until the day he died. He died in a car accident. My hopes and dreams were shattered. My parents made my marriage arrangement. I am going to marry an unknown person.

Well, daily chatting and conversation over the phone made me fell for him. Few relatives and friends were called in the marriage. This time, my sister steps in and whispered something in my ear. Slowly, she said sex. She said “Your husband will be planning to have sex tonight. Don’t disappoint him, just cooperate with him. He will insert the tool into your vagina”. That’s all, nothing else was said.

In my mind, I thought – this is the only sex advice? Knowing about penis and vagina, can I have sex? Definitely, according to the Indian society. I had sex earlier and that too with proper information. What if I don’t have that sex education? He might make be pregnant. Without the use of the condom, I might get STD. Anything can happen. Just need to the know the answers to the following question?

1. Can you have a sex with a random guy?
2. What will men do if they find their wife, not a virgin?
3. Why is motherhood not a choice?

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