New year, new you? really?

Posted by Shelvi Chikara
December 30, 2017

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It is indeed that time of the year when almost everybody is into the ‘New Year, New Me’ phase.  Well, who would get this new you? By definition, the only person who can successfully bring this New You into existence is that inefficient, lazy, inept, social media addicted and good for nothing Old You. And honestly it is the last person you need to trust for the designing of the New. But would you really trust a personal trainer who smokes up through your sessions and who himself never actually worked out?  It would be like taking yourself to the same hair dresser who messes up your hair almost every time. So, here is the thing, the agenda is to like the Old You and then consider the makeover. For starters you need a concentrated push to get yourself rolling. The new you and old you have to walk hand in hand so don’t resolve to become a completely new person who would run, meditate, read, sleep less or listen to parents and spouse from Day 1 of the 365. Rather just do that thing once and begin today. May be right now.

All of us are a little too romantic about the beginnings, the clean slate and a fresh start. But no matter what you can’t just shed off the baggage of previous years in a moment. You are going to be the same you. Trust the old you in order to develop the new. More than the future, you got to believe in the present and simultaneously be proud of the history of yours. It might not have been exactly how you imagined it to be but you have lived it and it is what has bought you here.  You don’t need a date to improvise. You need the will and effort and faith and love. Nothing is easier about starting all over again. Ask the man who has to push the boulder up to the hill just to see it rolling down again, to start again. It sounds fancy and to be tempted to fall into this ‘New Year, New You’ thing and then do the same tomorrow and every day and ever. Sit down. Relax. Lower down your vision a bit. It is just the first day of your week. It is just one day at a time. Be slow and make the most of it. So, I would rather say have a great week!

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