New Year’s Day 2018 Celebration Around The World

Posted by Kriti Sharma
December 11, 2017

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Like the celebration of a New Year , different places and methods are celebrated at different places throughout the world. New year celebrations of different sects are different and its significance also differs in different cultures.

Western New Year
The New Year celebration was celebrated in Babylonia 4000 years ago . But at that time the festival of New Year was celebrated on March 21, which was also considered as the date of arrival of spring. Ancient Rome was also chosen for the New Year festival. When the dictator of Rome Julius Caesar founded the Julian calendar in the 45th year BC , at that time the New Year was celebrated on January 1 for the first time in the world . To do this, Julius Caesar had to do the last year, i.e., 46 AD BC to 445 days.

Hebrew New Year
According to Hebrew beliefs, God took seven days to create the world. The new year is celebrated after the seven days of consolidation. According to Gregory’s calendar this day comes between September 5 and October 5.

Hindu New Year 

According to the Chinese calendar, the first moon day of the first month is celebrated as the new year , on the first day of the new day of Chaitra Navy night ie Gudi Padwa . It usually falls between January 21 and February 21.

Indian New Year 
New Year different dates are celebrated in different parts of India . Often this date falls in the months of March and April. In Punjab , the new year is celebrated on 13th April by the names of the baashakhi . According to Sikh Nankshahi calendar 14 March Hola Mohalla is a new year. Around this date Bengalis and Tamil New Year also comes. Telugu new year comes between March-April. In Andhra Pradesh they celebrate it as Ugadi (Yugaadi = era of the era etc.). This is the first day of the month of Chaitra . Tamil New Year Vishu is celebrated in Tamilnadu and Kerala on April 13 or 14 . Pongal in Tamil NaduJanuary 15 is officially celebrated as New Year. Kashmiri calendar is on March 19th . In Maharashtra, Gudi Padava is celebrated in the month of March-April, people celebrate the Kannada New Year celebrate the first day of Chaitra month, Sindhi festival is celebrated on the same day, Cheeti Chand , Ugadi and Gudi Padwa. In the month of Madarai , Chitaiya Tiruvavija is celebrated as New Year. Marwari is the new year on Diwali . Gujarati New Year takes place on the second day of Diwali. On this day, JainismNew year also happens.But this is not comprehensive. Comes in October or November. The Bengali New Year Pohla Baisakhi comes on April 14 or 15. This year is the new year’s day 2018 in West Bengal and Bangladesh .

Islamic New Year — 
The new year of Islamic calendar is Muharram . The Islamic calendar is a completely moon-based calendar, due to which the cycle of its twelve months revolves around the solar calendar in 33 years. Due to this, the New Year is in different Gregorian calendar in different months

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