Non Verbal Communication Training in Gurugram

Posted by Chirag Singla
December 7, 2017

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Communication plays a crucial role in our personal as well as professional lives. Although earlier, the main focus was on verbal and written communication, Soon we realized the Giant gap in the communication as we were not focusing on non verbal communication which includes your body language, eye contact, toning of voice, your posture, pitch etc. This post provides you with some helpful tips on how to improve your non verbal communication skills.




Watch your face while talking


Most of you may not realize this when people listen to you, they are not just paying attention to your words or what you are saying but they are also closely observing your body language, more importantly your facial expression. Facial expression tell the tales of the emotions felt by any person showcasing them. Facial expressions in nonverbal communication are more or less the same universally, meaning that facial expressions convey the meaning. For instance, a person displaying a frowning face usually sends out negative vibes to the person watching him. On the contrary, a person who always carries a smile on his face comes across as a positive sign for person observing him. So if you are keen on enhancing your non verbal communication skills, then you should pay special attention to your facial expression.

Create a strong eye contact

Many people don’t pay attention to this but when you are talking or communicating something to either your superior or colleagues at work or even your friends for that matter, you need to create a strong eye contact with them. Even when you are delivering speech or a presentation, you need to develop a strong eye contact with each member in the audience. When you look at another person in his eyes, you send out strong positive signals and your audience will respond to you in a more positive manner. If you are shy about making eye contact with the person, start with noticing the color of the eyes you are interacting with. Looking directly in the eyes will help in holding and completely arresting the other person’s attention. However a strong direct gaze in the eyes sometimes makes the other person feel uncomfortable so we should break the eye contact after every 2 to 3 seconds. On the other hand, if you constantly look down, then it gives a sense to the audience that you are not confident or not interested in communicating with the other person.

Your body language in general

Although it is quite difficult to actually sit and pin down what body language actually means and includes, but to explain in simple language, body language simply means how you communicate with your body or body muscles. The way you walk, your hand gestures, eye contact, the tone of your voice, pitch etc are going to decide” How you are going to impact your surroundings “or “Are you going to dominate or get dominated”. Body Language is one of the most important asset of Non Verbal Communication. As a general rule, it is really important to have a powerful body language as it is going to make an impact in your communication and your communication skills and give out clear signals to the audience.

The growing importance of non verbal modes of communication has resulted in there being professionals who conduct training sessions for individuals who are keen on improving and enhancing their communication skills. In this, special mention needs to be given to trainer Mr. Chirag Singla’s whose communication skills training workshops has resulted in making individuals effective communicators in their personal as well as professional levels. So for individuals wanting to make a mark for themselves, just attend Chirag Singla’s training modules and walk out as a confident person and leave your unique mark!

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