#NoPlace4Hate: Online bullying, Hate, Abuse And Threats On The Rise

Posted by Mehul Choradiya in #NoPlace4Hate, Specials
December 30, 2017
Facebook logoEditor’s Note: With #NoPlace4Hate, Youth Ki Awaaz and Facebook have joined hands to help make the Internet a safer space for all. Watch this space for powerful stories of how young people are mobilising support and speaking out against online bullying.

Social media is a virtual society, which is very wide. It bridges the gap between one end of the world and the other in no time. Social media platforms are very much interesting and very easy. Not only the youth but also the old and the kids using it frequently shows the love for social media in society.

The main aim of social media is connectivity, is to communicate all over the world, is to provide information, is to entertain. And these were the points kept in mind when designing social media platforms.

But now a days, Social media platforms are being used for another reasons. Many of the person using Social Media to abuse, to spread hate, to give threat to others. The really shocking thing is they are also being paid by others for all this default things. Actually it’s a trend now a days, so many organisation, political fronts using them to dominate the social media.

I remember when Renowned Journalist and Ramnath Goenka awardee Ravish Kumar was abused on Twitter by so many individuals of same ideology and at last he decided to leave the platform, that’s the dominance I am talking about.

I also remember when Gurmehar Kaur was given rape threats as she campaigned for peace on Social Media platform twitter. Her only fault was she campaigned for peace within the nation and outside the nation. That’s the only reason she was abused, given rape threats, but she fought it bravely.

On the death of Journalist Late. Gauri Lankesh ji, she was murdered by right wing holding ideologist. On her murder so many people raised their voice and against it a person tweeted Ek Kutiya ki mout pr sare pille bil bilane lge, On the death of a bitch all puppies started crying. That’s the ideology. The shocking thing is the abuser got support of hundreds, What I am saying is people also supporting such abusers.

My opinion, actually abuses and rape threats are very common on social media than in real life. Imagine you are wandering anywhere, can someone abuse you or give rape threats? I don’t think so but on social media anyone can abuse and threaten you.

Online bullying, spreading hates, abuses and rape threats are on extreme now a days, Before 2012-13 people were using social media platforms for the reason it was designed but now a days it’s being used for such faulty acts. It’s the need of the hour to counter such faulty acts. If we still not get aware to counter it this things will become real on ground too in no time. Social media platforms must be safe and secure for everyone as it’s a medium to get connected with others.

I remember some days before, some Volunteers of AAP started an online campaign named #Swacch_Twitter_Abhiyan. It was greatly supported by so many. In this campaign they were saying sorry if they abused anybody, they were apologizing and requesting others to take pledge to not to abuse and not to give threats. There is a great need of such campaigns on social media and on ground too.

This #NoPlace4Hate campaign by Youth ki Awaaz is really amazing, people will be Aware to counter the abuses and rape threats by such campaigns. More power to you Youth Ki Awaaz.