Posted by Shivani Thakkar
December 13, 2017


Nudity, So what comes to your mind when you think and hear the word  “NUDITY”?. Nude pictures – ,an  exposing human body or thought which has no boundaries ?, A  mind which does not hide anything?

This article does not lead to terms such as “Feminism” or ”Sexism”. It is on how you interpret nudity.

In general we all are same; we all have same body,  the same structure and the , same organs. What differs is our thoughts . Thoughts  about something, thoughts about someone!

We all have our own perspective of living life like the way we want, living life the like way we think we actually deserve. Nudity does not defines only an propounded human body but also propounded human thoughts, human nature and, human behaviour.

Nudity is about keeping transparency between you and your loved ones, transparency about your mind-sets so that they can mix into you completely like there is no different soul…

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