On path of leavi this wo better then i found it !

Posted by Shweta Mehrotra
December 6, 2017

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3rd November 2017 landed at Chandigarh International Airport .Time I switched on my phone could see numerous missed call notifications from my near and dear ones as my flight had got delayed by an hr but in that list there were two calls from Prabhloch Singh ,the one reason for me to be landing   in Chandigarh.

If I go back to the flashback around a year back one of my (taking the liberty of saying “my”) fellow program mate, Shalini, got married even before she could finish her graduation or even realize the true meaning and value of marriage and new family.

It was too late for me to have done anything for her as by the time I got to know of this she was already made to settle with her new family in some remote area.

That was the day I promised myself that I will not let that happen again to any of my girls (unless their own personal preference and not being under any forceful obligation) from the fellowship program.

That was a long day for me as I had too many influx of thoughts, ideas on how to deal with such situations and I took up to the godly Google for some answers.

A mere Complaint or leaving things on Law to take care would not eradicate the problem completely, the only solution I could foresee was to change the “Soch” of people.

This enlightened me with the thought that I need the guidance, support and motivation from someone I could look upto in this regard, someone who has been serving in this space for sometime and the answer was that I was looking for a Mentor.

Google came into help yet again as it led me to “Human Rights Protection Group and MFP Federation” which got me connected to Prabhloch .

I decided to call and reach out to them with the thought of volunteering as I am a firm believer of learning while experiencing the reality.

I was confident but equally nervous never in my life till date had I attempted or volunteered to do any such thing before.

With nervousness and butterflies in my belly I manage to gather whatever courage I could and made the call.

Tring Tring the phone rang and it was answered in a heavy and confident voice to which I asked, have I reached the Human Rights protection group and MFP federation ?

Had no idea who this person was the answer came “Yes”

Shweta : May I know with whom I m speaking with ?

Reply was “Prabhloch ”, that name added more confidence but also increased my nervousness, as I had got to know of him a little bit you do tend to bow in front of great work and courage !

Shweta : Hi aaaa I’m Shweta from Hyderabad n would like to volunteer aaaaaaaaaa

Prabhloch : Okie kindly send your resume i

2 mins later

I decide to update him on whatsapp of having sent my resume but ended up calling him and also apologized for doing so .

Reply from prabhloch : That’s perfectly fine.

Within less than 5 mins

Prabhloch : Received your resume will get back to you soon as we receive any work where you can contribute.

Close to 15 days later received a ping on my messenger: Hey this is Prabhloch this side: Asking if I will be interested to help a lady in Andhra whose child is being taken away from her by her own Husband who has a criminal history n charges against for a murder .

Without any second thoughts in my mind I replied saying Yes and please tell me how should I go about it ?

Prabhloch guided me step by step with complete patience .

Same day my best friend Latha Bariki came home to meet me after she had landed up in India a day before along with her kids.

I opened the door hugged her and requested for a few minutes before I could spend time with her as I had to work on an online FIR Request .

She looked at me with a smile without any surprise and said Take your time, knowing you even if I were to say no you will continue thinking of your to do list .

First thing I did was to call Vani (Victim) and tried to understand the complete case before filing an FIR request. Had a long call with her as she was eager to share all the wrong that was happening to her and it appeared that she had only my ears who were listening to her.

Latha : Enough now you should take a break and now at this hour only pubs will be open so lets go n hit one 😊 all friends gathered latha,Nalini Thella,Neelima and me. They celebrated my getting back to humanity.

I could not have asked for a better way to unwind, lovely friends, live music on violin and a cold glass of Water … Yes Water … that’s me !! with just a glass of water I could manage to collect all my energy n shout loudly “I love u ” violin Artist n with in seconds could see hundreds of people smiling n echoing my voice n complimenting artist which they might b holdings to themselves … that’s me again 🙂

Days passed and I came across some of the best Cops and friends who helped me to support the case which was far and in a remote area of Andhra Pradesh.

Finally after days of work another fine moment arrived when Prabloch messaged about International conclave on human Rights, community welfare, philanthropy and UNSDGs and checked if I will be interested to come for the conclave ?

Shweta : Would love to but can I comeback to you in few days ? as I have other responsibilities too.

Prabhloch : Sure but ensure to let us know about your plans by —/–/2017

Shweta : sure

Post 5 mins

Shweta : I am in for the conclave

1 min

Prabhloch : Great will get back to you on complete arrangements

Shweta : No, I said I manage by myself as this was the first lesson from Prabhloch “Self sustainability”.

Prabhloch : Smiled and was still fine to welcome guest.

Days passed I panicked once again on date, flight timing to hotel booking (family and friends call me a civilian soldier who is always focussed on meeting the agenda in time.

In all this my mobile broke and gave me an opportunity to receive a surprise gift 😊 Really a surprise ? hahaha

Well my family and friends ensured to make me feel as if I was travelling to the moon with all their checks and concerns asking me to ensure regular updates.

Day one conclave : Arrived at the venue, A tall gentleman Prabhloch Singh at the entrance n coincidently we both were calling each other at same time to check .

Looking at him I realized what was going in his mind ? Hey I thought 11 am was the time I had given to all guests, now it’s only 9:45 am ? ain’t she too early or was there a print mistake on the invitation card ?

As we met he mentioned it’s a bit early for the start and if I would like to go for a walk in the serene n beautiful environment of Chandigarh, but I chose to wait at the Hall itself.

9:45am till 5:00 pm

Interesting first day with energetic and incredible speakers like Kirron Kher and many other esteem delegates who talked about future SDG goals and key to reach them.

Not to miss the tasty and sumptuous Punjabi food …missi roti to be precise.

The best part of this day was when I experienced a closely knitted family who work along on the same objective and are genuinely transparent in what they are and wish to serve .

Day 2 :

Beautiful venue I reach much ahead of time and Prabhloch

I never knew what was coming till Prabhloch at 5 pm took the mike and started acknowledging people who made huge difference in the society by their work and efforts.

And all of a sudden I hear my name being called with kind words of my deeds and a shield glittering in his hands, I skipped a beat.

It took me few secs to realize that I had to get up and receive that respect ? It could not have been better than receiving it from my own mentor.

One of the best days of my life and Thank you to Prabloch will be too small for all that he has done for the cause and help people like me to become stronger and self sustainable.

I commit to be the first domino to make a positive difference in others life ! Shweta Tandon Mehrotra

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