One Nation, One Election: Is It Justified?

Posted by prasankumar in Politics
December 26, 2017

Since last year, a new matter has become a part of the political talks. ‘One Nation, One Election!’ Initially, many stakeholders from the Election Commision (reportedly) to the various political parties welcomed it. But during the course of time, this matter gradually vanished from the centre of discussion.

After doing some analysis and observing some happenings around the political corridors of the country, I developed my views on it. The conclusion I drew upon this matter was quite different from others.

I reached the conclusion that ‘One Nation, One Election’ can be beneficial for the politicians but not for us.

I am, therefore, citing some reasons here as to why I think so.

Local Issues

You all have must have witnessed that local issues of the state only come into the limelight when there is an election, that too a state election. For example, the issue of drugs in Punjab, the issue of law and order in Uttar Pradesh, the migration problem in Uttarakhand, etc.

So if all elections, the Lok Sabha and the Vidhan Sabha take place after five years, at the same time, will the local issues be discussed?

Politicians ‘Discrimination’

We know, many politicians and political parties usually are not that committed towards the states. They plan their policies and schemes keeping in mind that elections are going to take place in a particular state separately.

Now, if all elections take place after five years, they all will have a good nap for four and half years and then execute their policies or schemes.

Other Uncertainties

Apart from the above-mentioned points, there are many other uncertainties regarding ‘One Nation One Election’. For example, what will happen if a government falls in between? What is the solution for such cases?

Hence, I feel that ‘One Nation, One Election’ is not a good idea which should be followed.


Image source: Daniel Berehulak/ Getty Images