Pocket Friendly Beers That Are A Must Have

Posted by Dheeraj Khanna
December 16, 2017

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People sometimes claim there is a lack of good beer in our country, and customers rarely find more options than the Kingfisher or Tuborg. That is not true. So for the next time you feel like cracking open a cold one, here are 10 best beers in India for you that will quench your thirst without straining your pockets.


One of the top lagers of the country, this Dutch beauty is possibly the best value for money deal you can have.


This very popular Belgian wheat beer has a very distinct citric touch and is perfect for a lazy sunny day with friends.


If you’ve never had this Dutch beer before, you are about to have a treat. Quite well established in the country, Heineken is cold, refreshing, and pleasant, and you are likely to gulp down pint after pint in simple delight.


Light and with little carbonation, this Mexican beer is perfect for you if you are a fan of easy to drink brews. You can have it ritualistically, with a lime wedge stuck in the bottle neck, or simply gulp it down like the rest.

Budweiser Magnum:

The Budweiser Magnum is perhaps the most drinkable among the strong beers in the country. It is surprisingly smooth, carefully hiding its underlying punch till the end.

Asahi Super Dry:

This light golden colored lager is the first dry beer from Japan. It has a crisp bitter feel with a subtle citric touch, making it a delightfully balanced choice for you.

Estrella Galicia:

This Spanish lager is characterized by its prominent malty touch and a long lasting bitter finish. It is light bodied and very flavored.

Bira 91 White:

The Bira is a relatively new brand amongst the beer brands the country has, and its popularity is rising fast. The White is a wheat beer with subtle citrus overtones and a soft finish. Plus the cute monkey on the bottle makes for a great selling point.

Bira 91 Blonde:

Also from Bira, the Blonde is a very aromatic lager. It is more pleasant on the palette and leaves a longer finish than the White. Also watch for the monkey.


You cannot finish a list of beer brands without mentioning a Tuborg. Arguably the most popular and most sold beer of the country, it is characterized by its pull-tab bottle cap, and is the preferred beer among most. It is brewed in the country and its prominent bitter finish, affordable price, and easy availability makes it one of the most sought after beers around.

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