Power Tussle: An Elected Leader Vs An Appointed Leader

Delhi, a union territory and the nation’s capital. As Delhi is not a complete state there is huge power tussle between an elected CM and an appointed LG.

Arvind Kejriwal, AAP National Convenor, is Delhi’s elected CM and he is accountable for everything that goes on in the city. He is the people’s choice. People voted for him. People want him to govern and fulfil the promises he made before elections.

L.G. Anil Baijal is appointed by Center government. He is not people’s choice. He enjoys all the supreme power with no accountability. He is not answerable for any act.

Delhi’s people voted for Arvind Kejriwal but an imposed person is cancelling almost all the decisions taken by common man’s government. An elected government must have some powers to govern. According to the Delhi CM, he can’t even depute a peon.

Delhi High court recently ruled in favour of the LG saying that the LG is the ultimate boss of Delhi. The Supreme Court then ruled that the LG should ‘exercise the power bestowed upon him within reasonable time’.

Let the prejudice be kept aside during discussion. We need to think with all the rationality – shouldn’t an elected government have some power? As they are accountable and questionable for all the acts must they not have some power too to govern?

LG should also address the reason behind cancelling the decisions of the Arvind Kejriwal government. The AAP government has claimed that he recently put a stay order on the decision of Delhi government to cancel the license of a big private corporate owned hospital and on December 27 he shut down Arvind Kejriwal govt’s revolutionary decision of door to door delivery of 40 public services.

The decision of introducing a door-to-door delivery of 40 public services was very much praised as it brings transparency and ease for the common man but the LG rejected it without giving any reason.

According to me, democracy is the ultimate boss, so the elected people in power should be given a bigger say in decision-making.

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