The BJP’s Failure In Punjab Civic Polls Shows Why You Should Listen To Your Voters

Posted by shakeel ahmad in Politics, Society
December 18, 2017

The Congress’ cadence has clinched a charismatic conclusion in Punjab. It has certainly inflated the super-expanded ego of the Congress party leaders, just like the elevation of Rahul Gandhi as the president. It somehow showed people’s acceptance of Rahul Gandhi’s elevation in the political sphere. The party workers’ enthusiasm was also confirmed with the civic polls’ promising results.

A sweeping majority in the three respective municipal corporations of Amritsar, Patiala and Jalandhar made Navjot Singh Sidhu dance to the Desi beats once again. Such a joyful scene erupted after a decade on the political horizon in the state.

That was why the Punjab CM hailed the voters for their heavy turnout. Not only did the old political party register an impressive victory, it also demonstrated political maturity. The bottom line remained that the Aam Aadmi Party was fully routed in the poll race as it contested as many as 11 wards. What was worth seeing was the improved position of independent candidates. The SAD-BJP combine stooped to historic lows in its frantic endeavours.

All is well that ends well. All the contesting parties, though, met the outcome of the elections results with a certain amount of dismay. The defeated parties’ raised voice and sharp words added anxiety to Amrinder Singh’s government. However, it appeared to have endured the opposition’s fury. In the elections, the candidates and parties amply relied on their luck and performance for their very survival on the ground.

Of course, when the voters were not suitably put on a normal footing, and when their problems were not attended to even when they tried to communicate them, the candidates will have to carry the scars of a harsh defeat for another five long years.

The Congress bagged 69 out of 85 seats in Amritsar, 56 out of 60 wards in Patiala, and 66 out of 80 wards in Jalandhar respectively. The SAD-BJP alliance failed to win a single ward in Patiala Nagar Nigam. The Congress achieved success in 17 Nagar Panchayats and seven Nagar Parishads. It won one Nagar Parishad and two Nagar Panchayats unopposed.

The SAD-BJP combination won 12 wards. Two went in favour of independent corporators in Jalandhar Nagar Nigam, and six in Amritsar. There were allegations of poll rigging, compelling AAP workers to demonstrate. However, no important issues in regards to the Electronic Voting Machine were raised. There were as many as 925 candidates who fought with complete confidence in the three municipals electoral battles.