Questions That Have Been Troubling Me Since I Watched The Rajasthan Murder Video

Was it a hate crime? Was it a love triangle? Was it ‘love jihad’? Or was it a cold-blooded murder?

What was it actually?

After the video of a man brutally killing another man in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan surfaced on the internet, new inferences are popping up everyday regarding his real intention. It was concluded from the video that the assailant may have been provoked by ideas of ‘love jihad’ but the truth is still unknown.

Keeping aside all arguments, the only question that keeps hammering my thoughts is – how can one call themselves a human being if they can literally chop a man to death – a man who – while he was alive – was pleading to him for mercy? How does someone become so enraged that they can no longer feel pity for a living being wriggling in pain in front of their eyes? Just how can someone be so ruthless and merciless?

It is scary to see such hate crimes being reported almost every other day in the country.

I have heard honour killings, which are similarly heinous in nature – but love jihad? What does this actually mean? It is still something I am clueless about.

Which verse in which holy book of the world gives anybody the right to just go and kill someone because they are in love? In what kind of a world do we live in? If this was not enough, the accused asked a 14-year-old boy to record this act and then he comes before the camera to say that every ‘jihadi’ will face the same fate. I mean, seriously?

It won’t be long before news of this crime reaches the parliament and accusations will fly in all directions from every political party. The news channels will air this for a few weeks, with new twists and turns, supplemented with ear-shattering background scores to raise their TRPs. There will be debates, discussions and the public will react in all sorts of ways. But will it change anything? Not a bit. Fifteen days will pass and the wind will be normal again until another similar incident takes place.

How long will we let this go on? How long will such miscreants create nuisance and trouble for the average citizen? Even if it’s not ‘Love Jihad’, the incident certainly reeks of Hindu-Muslim conflict, which is more inflammable than any other issue.

It pains me to ask myself – what type of society are we living in? What legacy are we leaving for the coming generations?

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