Rajsamand Murder Case: The Lost Humanity

Posted by Vijay Khemka
December 9, 2017

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Har Koi Galat Ko Galat Se Hi Rokna Chaahta Hai. No One Wants To Act Good To Remove The Evil.
Listen You Inhumans, The Evil Is Not Someone You Think Of But It Is Your Thought Which Gives You The Power To Kill A Man Brutally and The Burn Him.

Apni kisi giri hui soch ke kaarn kisi ko is tarah maar kar use jala dena or fir apne aise ghinone kaam ko Rastrabhakti ka naam dekar bachne ki koshis karna ye kaha ki insaaniyat hai. Aise log jo ye soch rakhte hai unhe bas ek hi baat kahi ja sakti hai “Tumhaare andr ka Insaan mar chuka hai or tum Insaan kya jaanwar kehlaane ke laayak nahi ho”. Nahi chaahiye aise Log jo kisi behsi jaanwar ki tarah ek Insaan ki jaan le le.

The whole act that happened was the worst that someone can do But What Hurt Most is Instead Of Making It A Matter Of Right Jurisdiction and Talking About The Proper Justice, People Make It A Matter Of Politics Which Creates More Negativity Among Public.

The Lost Humanity
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Making It A Political Issue.#RajsamandMurderCase

Please save Humanity.

Quoting Mahatma Gandhi I want to say that “Eye For An Eye Will Make The Whole World Blind”









Thank You.

-Vijay Khemka

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