Rape Or drape

Posted by Madhuri Chakraborty
December 19, 2017

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Departing from the uterus and delivering from the womb is the biological definition of an infant. One ruptured and the other vitalized. The social stigma has bought the human era into the erase of the respect and righteousness of women. No, she had no other fault rather than being born with a vaginas that is inspected over her qualifications and career. The status starts with the, status of a hymen that has to pass the test after holding numerous degrees in hand. The ultimate difference between a so called rape victim and what it should have been, coerced assault and a non-virgin is that one is compulsion and the other a choice. The acceptance of the former is a shame and the non acceptance of the latter is down market. Both may have the risk of sexually transmitted disease and both remain stored behind the apparels of the cupboard. One is a crime under spotlight and the other recreation. Though both do not get a chance to reverberate or revert. But then hesitation and reluctance lie amidst acceptance. You will not think twice to lose virginity by thwarting your choice or compulsion but that makes a difference and difficulty in the lives diverging decisions……..

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