Posted by Pàndey Râshmî
December 27, 2017

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Being a dark girl in a lower middle class family of India is not a sin anymore(it was never infact )…it is super interesting now . World is different for you because no matter you want or not you become different for world . Relatives see you as a creature worthy of pity only . Your mother’s topmost concern is your marriage . Everyday you are recommended new products (even if you don’t ask . .these aunties!).Beta try besan or almond ,this cream ,that facewash etc..And the way you get compliments is even more amazing ..’she is pretty bas rang thoda kam saaf hai ‘,’saanvli hai thodi lekin gadhan(face shape) acchi hai ‘ I mean seriously ..when the hell we are going to stop considering fair as good and dark as bad .yes I am saanvli(dark girl)and this is one of my physical features I never see it as a physical defect.You have all the right to like or dislike anything, it can be any skincolour also but it is really important to remember that you have no right to show that dislike .If that is your opinion better keep it with yourself ,it is really not welcome   …all I want to say is ‘This is my skin and I never see it as a disadvantage to my looks ,I feel beautiful with it and your opinion is not welcome  ‘

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