From Hashtag To PIL: How #LahuKaLagaan Got Everyone’s Attention On Menstruation

88% of the female population don’t use sanitary napkins because they can’t afford it. The government calls it a luxury even though it is an essential commodity. There is still a tax on it! They use other unhygienic alternatives, which lead to bad menstrual health. Due to these conditions, 23% of girls drop out of school when they hit puberty.

Vitamin Stree collaborated with SheSays India in this video to talk about period tax.

SheSays India in an NGO based in Mumbai that is fighting against the GST being charged on the sale of sanitary napkins. They started an online campaign called #LahuKaLagaan which in no time went viral and garnered a lot of support from celebrities, activists, comedians and journalists.

SheSays is not only working towards improving the menstrual health of women but also breaking the silence that surrounds menstruation. The campaign got men and women of all ages to talk about menstruation openly.

Check out the video to know more and tweet to the Finance Minister @arunjaitley with #LahuKaLagaan to show your support towards ending the tax on the sale of sanitary napkins.

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