Santa’s Favorite Travel Spots in the US – Christmas Special

Posted by Trisha Williams
December 12, 2017

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If you are planning a trip to the US during winter to enjoy the Christmas Eve and New Year Eve, then you must not miss the winter sports as these opportunities don’t come again and again. You can enjoy various winter sports while your stay in U.S. but to experience the fun of these games you must book tickets in advance to get cheapest flight offers.

Here are some of the adventurous and thrilling sports you must go for while touring U.S. during the winter season.


While your trip to U.S. during winter you must not miss this fabulous sports curling. It is one of the popular and best winter sports. It requires lots of concentration. In this sport, players have to slide huge stones around a sheet of ice towards the point of the target.

The game looks easy and straightforward, but sometimes it becomes seriously hard to play on as if your concentration breaks you can’t aim at the target. It is a team game, and every person has to contribute in the match whether curler or sweeper to win the game. So to experience adventure and fun involved in this game, you must book air tickets for U.S. quickly to get good deals.

Snow Polo

If you are the great admirer of polo, then you must also try snow polo as it is more classy and bizarre than the classic polo game. If you can’t get a chance to play the sport, you can also enjoy the match between other teams as it is exciting as well.

Dog Sledding

To experience the feel of Santa’s Sledge, you must play this awesome game.  While playing this game, you will experience best and memorable moments of your life as the game is full of thrill and excitement.  In this sport, a group of wild dogs are chained to a big sled, and when dogs start running their seed will give you a great moment of thrill while you are sitting in the sled. This sport’s experience could be one of the best things to feel the real joy of Christmas in U.S.


Snowkiting is somewhat same as the summer sports kiteboarding. While playing the game, you will glide over ice and snow by using a kite as well as wind power. It is also one of the must-try games during your U.S. holidays. It will make your Christmas time memorable as you might not get a chance to do this in your country.


Skiing is one of the perfect and classic winter sports.  You can enjoy skiing for racing downhill, or for a smooth outing on a trail from side to side of the woods or to take part in the cross-country variants. And if you want to add more adventure in this sport you can go for snowboarding or ski-blading. These sports will fill you with thrill and excitement but to experience this you must look for flight deals online to get best and cheapest flight for America.

So to make your American holidays and Christmas celebration special and unforgettable, you must check the best available flight offers.

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