Saving Is About Changing Your Lifestyle

Posted by Prashant Agarwal
December 14, 2017

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Last week, I was conducting a session at an organization where I had taken an introductory session some 15 days back. A lot of people appreciated the session at that time, took my number, promised to visit my blog and give me a call.

However, not even a single call came.

I was perplexed. One thing which we want to achieve is to make our workshops action oriented i.e. whoever attends them, takes some action according to their capacity for saving/Investing.

I realized, best is to pose the question of saving/investing capacities during the next session, to the audience. And I asked them.

For a few minutes, everyone was quiet, but then a participant said that while she actually decided to take action and give me a call, she wasn’t able to do so, as the decision to start saving/investing now was a big one, considering her lifestyle, and that she hadn’t been saving from her salary till now.

Through these sessions, what I am asking all participants to do is to be thoughtful before making any expense and be disciplined and persistent while saving every month.

One needs to distance oneself from ‘instant gratification’ for ‘something which is delayed or deferred for the next 10 years. This is with respect to your savings and investment – the results will be reaped in the next 10 years or more, depending on the investment and need.

Looking back….

The comment by the participant was a pertinent, as our lifestyles and spending habits have a huge bearing on our decision to save. It also helped me to think how my life changed due to reading about the great investors, trying to follow their suggestion about spending and saving. One has to refrain from instant gratification when it comes to investing as well as spending.

So, at the end, I realize that it’s a choice – I have lived life on both extremes and I have decided that I don’t want to follow a lifestyle which doesn’t take care of my future.

Do remember- It’s your life only you can make it large!






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