Science Education in India

Posted by Allika Naresh
December 5, 2017

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Our Indian scientists have good reputation in other countries because we have good knowledge and we works hard. Presently, many of our youngest Indian researchers and scientists are looking for opportunities in other countries to achieve their dreams due to lack of quality research opportunities in India. If we see our history, many of the innovations in world are created and made by Indians. We had good record. But present symptoms are showing the negative things especially in science research.

             Recently I have visited one District science fair exhibition to see the student’s innovations, models and thoughts in science.  I have interacted with students while visiting their models to know how much their interest in science. The good things about exhibition is many of the models are alternative solutions of social issues like water poverty, traffic free, sanitation etc. But the models which were presented in exhibition many were copied from internet and books. Its good thought the complex theories can be explained in models. But have to remember that this is the golden opportunity for students to get fame in national level for their own idea. Models like water treatment plants, rain water harvesting were already existed in field. But teachers have to show the models to them and explain what are the other constrains while using this model. They have to made students to think how to solve those constrains. If student thinks like that then only we can expect new innovations from students. Some of the models are too good in technical but it should need to address the social issues.

                The students who are coming from rural government schools are lower confident than the private schools students. Teachers in government schools are not focusing on students and their skills. Government school teachers should focus on student’s development. Governments have to provide more funds to schools to develop the science labs and other infrastructure facilities. Teachers have to take responsibility and show all the lessons in practically. Then only student can understand the differences in theory and practical.

          Governments have to release more funds for science research and Innovations. We have good institutions like IISc, IITs and many universities. But have to provide many more opportunities to the people and develop the quality of the research. Then, our young researchers and developers will not migrate to other countries.

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