5 Crucial Security Decisions In 2017 That Deserved More Importance In The Media

Media is not merely the 4th pillar of democracy but also a watchdog towards the working of the state. However, the politicization of media, sensationalization of news due to TRP race, numerous elections leading to media involved continuously in election mode leads to neglect of some core issues which are important for public purposes, information dissemination, discussion and debate. In this article, we look at some important security decisions that occurred in the country and how they impacted India in 2017.

1. UNSC Resolution Against Terrorism

The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution aimed at enhancing and fortifying judicial cooperation worldwide, in countering terrorism. This resolution, aims to enhance the efficacy of international legal and judicial systems in their fight against terrorism through operational collaboration and if implemented well can be fruitful to tackle the menace of terrorism.

2. Boost To The Defense Indigenization

Then, the Cabinet cleared the Strategic Partnership model for defence manufacturing. The idea is to enlist private-sector defence companies in each of the segments as strategic partners for long-term contracts. The private sector company then starts a joint venture with the foreign original equipment manufacturer selected through the procurement process, to build the platform in India with significant technology transfer. Long-term contracts will be awarded to these private companies, to give them the economies of scale as defence involves large investments. This move could give a boost to “Make in India” initiative and help in overcoming the failure of DRDO, Ordinance factories, and other defence PSUs.

3. First Indigenous Airborne Early Warning And Control System

Further, the first indigenously developed airborne early warning and control system (AEW&C) called NETRA, mounted on a Brazilian Embraer-145 jet was been inducted into Indian Air Force. These AEW&C systems are fundamental to intelligence, surveillance, monitoring operations and a key asset to the security establishment. Thus, it is safe to say, our army is growing into a leaner and meaner task force with every passing addition.

4. Tracking Offenders Will Become Easier

Moreover, Andhra Pradesh became the first State to begin drafting a legislation that will enable the collection and storage of genetic fingerprints in a centralized database to track offenders. The debate on privacy vs security begun to loom large in this case. This should help to get many people in check as it takes away their ability to merge into the masses.

5. Lapses In The Stockholding Of Ammunition

Also, recent report of CAG highlighted the inadequacy of stockholding of ammunition and missile deployment in eastern air command. These issues need larger scrutiny as in Kargil war, 1999 Indian forces saw ammunition shortages and with two hostile neighbours, India cannot afford to carry on such lapses on the national security front.

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