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Sentinel fighting foes should be familiar with the consequences, basics for humans of Hind

Posted by Badshah Lankesh Trikha
December 31, 2017

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Sentinel fighting foes should be familiar with the consequences, basics for humans of Hindutva.

Crybabies posts sympathising humans of Hindutva and turning the guns towards right-wing trended when human of Hindutva compromised with the situation and took farewell.

Dealing with Comminations from the right wing. Deadly threats made humans of Hindutva feel intimidated and he surrendered. Humans of Hindutva and right wing both were on tussle. Raining blows of satirical posts & Proding fascist mentality would not have bought you palsy-walsy relations with staunch right-wing hangers-on, but surely it comes at a cost.

Identified journalists, social activists, lawyers, judges and list go on have been struggling with the same situation you caught up with.I feel when you say you don’t want to die like Gauri lankesh or afrazul you don’t value their deaths they both paid, one for her warrior like personality and another due to the venom spread widely of ‘love jihad’.

People shedding their tears on your departure were your Jabra fans even I was the one but now I regret because you ejaculated your fear with this cowardice action.

Your excuses for me is tiny when you had so many reasons to fight back. Ravish Kumar, Rana Ayub, Sidharth Varadarajan, Rohini Singh and so many more these people would have set an example for you but you chose to take advantage from names of ‘Gauri lankesh’ & ‘afrajul’ for your leave, but you would have continued with this ongoing battle keeping in mind the deaths of these two.

You said you don’t want to die like ‘Gauri lankesh’ & ‘afrajul’. You won’t be spared whether you have done by taking a resolution not to come back to the ring for the bout. Coming in was your choice but leaving out depends because they might be chasing you. No alternative options are left when you bang in & raise your roar.

What about millennials? Do they take your action as a message to fight, fight & fight unless you feel to give up? You would have made a history but you bought yourself to the knees.

No sympathies to you. you are no more a warrior.

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