Sexual Abuse and The Framework

December 4, 2017

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The regular dose of sexual abuse that surface from all quarters is scary, disgusting and throws away the basic faith on humanity.

This fatal disease spreading like wild fire in all societies around the globe just doesnot require law checks and punishments but a deep introspection on basic upbringing of a child(surprisingly sexual abuse can be on all sex from all sex).

If we single out up-bringing and education as a definitive cause we will see a disgusting pattern which is deep in-built in the system so much so that it cannot be identified e.g simple instances of girls being stereotyped for being graceful, dainty in mind and body, gentle always seeking protector and vulnerable. Boys being stereotyped as strong, protector, emotion-less, fighter and free willy. This set of stereotyped qualities instilled in kids from childhood becomes a Framework for future life. Girls grow up to be woman to be mentally and physically dependent on either father, brother or husband and later son while boys inherently grow up to take woman for granted.

Changing times with more economic and education power to woman has not radically changed the basic Framework rather the superficial notions of women who smoke or drink being more open and vulnerable have now been added to the ‘taken for granted’ list. If one minutely observes a day in the life of a well educated, working and independent woman in a typical home eco system, one doesnot fail to notice that about 2 decades back she was cooking, cleaning, serving and taking care of babies while now not only she continues to do all of that but also earns and shares in home expense, pays bills and takes care of house affairs.

While men with changing times – thanks to their continued up bringing Framework, works, shares in household expense, watches and discusses porn with friends, relaxes and orders wives around. Given a chance the most so-called ‘decent’ will get excited at a prospect of seeing or touching a naked woman because thats perfectly normal as per the Framework for men to indulge, even their mothers have made them belief that woman can be seen as commodity. The Framework teaches them that what matters is to stimulate the lower abdominal brain and they have a strong notion that its easy to get away in all ways with woman, girls or children more so because the other Framework has been taught only to Accept.

So in all sexual abuse cases, all stakeholders of the Framework should be implicated, questioned and punished or put in a rehab.

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