As A Hindu, I Am Shocked By The Man Who Killed In The Name Of Religion

Being a Hindu believer I cannot associate myself to that Rajsamand fellow who has taken a life in the name of religion. His name was Shambhu, probably named after Lord Neelkanth who had drunk the venom himself and saved the world from disaster.

Ironically, due to being brainwashed, this Shambhu also thinks that by taking this step, he is also trying to save the world, especially Hinduism from Muslims; the bad fellows.

I always think that knowledge and understanding which is of no use to humanity; is good for nothing. And if having that vast account of knowledge, my elders have given me problems more serious than the so-called celebrated solutions, how should I revere the maestros of yesterday?

Likewise, we must think that what we are pursuing today and what we are doing today, with all this modern stuff, lest are we not leaving the very problems of today even for the next generations, too!

If, this is the case, shouldn’t we hold ourselves for a moment, shouldn’t we take a deep breath and start to be bold enough to say nay to discrimination on the basis of caste, class, creed, religion and divisive politics in the guise of development rhetorics? We should initiate this charity from our home without looking at others in expectations.

As a teacher, when I teach about dark age in a university classroom, often my students laugh and find themselves in disbelief over the mindless stupidities prevalent during that time. I can see this happening exactly after a half century or a century when the students of future generations won’t believe in the madness in which we all are in right now collectively.

We must love humanity, and for it, we have to learn to love humans.

Image source: YouTube
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