so Who is real Big boss ?

Posted by sheena
December 11, 2017

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Everybody has their favourite tv show or series which they love to follow avidly and religiously.some are GOT fans while some HIMYM ,SUITS , Big bang theory, to name a few i myself is a F.R.I.E.N.D.S buff when it comes to idiot box , moving on to few hindi shows as well . Apart from many singing and dancing relaity tv shows going . the one which every one either hates to watch or love to watch but cant ignore is “Big Boss ” Every year hoping i will not see this year i somehow manage to pick up d series knowingly or unknowingly i end up watching the show. this year as well was no different. even though i did not watch it initially.

Having said though after following Big boss for past 10 season and even following the 11th one . i can say this is the worse bigg boss season ever, not because  of the contestant or any drama .have seen worse contestant in past decade of the show. but soley how it is a one sided show going on where you have good students and bad students and then d principal. (host or d channel) who always support a set of students and have made up a point to always show bad students eventhough worse has happen previously in  the seasons gone by. none of it mattered then in bad light .

even if a bad student does something right they are never motivated or supported which in turn makes d good student turn into a bully and this encourges them to do whatever they feel as right .

if you have already decided that you want a topper from that set why even shooting the rest of the episodes.. even a layman who doesnt follow big boss can see that. why is big boss even dragging the show . you guys clearly have shown you preference from day 1.and even now its loud and clear. stop shamming other contestants when you yourself body shammed arshi in weekend episode. why then you only blame priyank. when even shilpa shinde called hina khan thick skined..

No one is my personal favourite and I am not taking any sides but as viewer as this has been right from the start a one sided show.

The host was supposed to do a balacning act that was the only thing which made big boss worth watching, not the contestants. and now even that seems to fade away . an avid fan of the host and still is but cannot deny the fact that this is going downhill.

Even though  i cant do much about the paid media and channel pretence of how the show should go . just putting my personal opionion as an avid big boss series watcher.

hope i can still watch d rest of the season . even though i feel zero connect with the show unlike before.



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