Success Definition for me

Posted by Vipin Vajpai
December 5, 2017

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There are many definition of success given by different geniuses like Albert Schweitzer said that if you love what you are doing,you will be successful.                  Billionaire Richard Branson believe success is all about happiness.                                                                In my view success is a gift of your hard work in your life. It is all about your good attitude and patience.Dont compare your life to others and don’t judge them.dont ever give up. Don’t take things to seriously. Set goals and work towards them daily. Always remember success doesn’t happened overnight. Success is addition of small efforts.  Be patience great things take time. Believe in yourself. There are nothing impossible in the world. Impossible word himself said I am possible. Don’t afraid fail because fail full form is first attempt in learning.Failure is success if we learn from it .                                                                If we set goals and work towards daily we will success one day.  Like if we  want to became a doctor, engineer,teacher etc and work towards them daily and give full of concentration to achieve your goal you will be success one day.                                       Don’t imitate Other, do what you really want to do. Don’t imitate others because you have a unique personality, unique talent, unique habits which differentiate you to others.                                  Believe in yourself if you believe in yourself you will do anything in the world. Like you want score 80 percentage in your board exams then believe in yourself and work towards your goal ,one day you will achieve 80 percentage in your board exams.Belive in yourself there is nothing bigger than your believe. Success is to measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome. Don’t give up and patience are one of the solution of these obstacles. Don’t give up because you feel pain, don’t give up because of bad chapters in your life. Believe in yourself and don’t give up. If you have patience you can achieve anything in the world. Everything comes to you at right moment, be patience,patience is a key of success.                                                                 There are many successful people who find their destiny,who believe ourselves,who take patience ,who understand the obstacles, who set our goals and work towards on daily basis ,they achieve success in our life. Like M.s Dhoni, Dhirubhai ambani , Sania Mirza etc they find their own destiny.                            We all know the reality that there is no shortcut of success. Do what you really want to do, don’t imitate other. This is your life. Nothing is impossible for you. There are many obstacles in the path of success. Don’t give up and be patience and believe in yourself one day you will achieve your goal. Anything you want to do in  your life be passionate about your goal and give your 100%. Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. Don’t forget if you dream it you can do it. There are many obstacles in the path of success so overcome your obstacles and stay on track believe me you will be succeed one day.  Make habit of learning new things and new knowledge because there is no limit of knowledge in this world. Observe everyone, observe and learn good things of anyone, observe his thinking about success, don’t learn bad habits only learn good habits which lead you path of success. When you become success in your life don’t forget your parents, don’t forget their hard work

( Keep learning and become successful).   (Vipin vajpai)

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