The Story Of A Young Man Who Fought The Odds And Beat Suicidal Thoughts

Posted by sai in Society
December 15, 2017

Yes, everyone has a story to tell.

You don’t have to be very successful to tell a story. Like stepping on Mars like a martian. Anyway, that’s not a true story. Even a story from our daily life can be inspiring. If we solve our everyday problems every day, it is a success.

I want to tell this story because there is a purpose. I decided to tell his story because I want his voice to be heard as we have seen many suicides recently.

This is his story. A story of a fighter.

I will tell you why he is a fighter. If you go and spend a day with him you will know he is a fighter.

After surviving a stormy journey on a cruise he went straight away to the casino and played a great game of poker from morning till night and lost all his money. Exam fee, flight money to travel to India for his sisters’ marriage. There was no money left for it. All the money was gone. Literally, nothing, not even a single penny to get back home.

Then he was almost hit by a car.

He was then attacked by a gang. A gun was pointed at him. He thought he was going to die at the moment.  They took his phone, empty wallet and gold chain from him, beat him very badly, threw a gun at his face. That’s when he realised it was a dummy gun. He was depressed and mentally shaken.

You will be shocked to know what happened the next morning. Another disaster. There was an earthquake of 6.8 on the richter scale. He jumped out of the fourth floor to the third floor of the next building. His room was damaged badly. His laptop and all his bags were destroyed. He had to leave everything right away and felt like committing suicide at that moment.

All this took place in 24 hours.

He started staying in his landlord’s house temporarily. He didn’t have money to go to college. He searched and found few coins in his pocket and went to college with a few coins. He wrote his exams well. He was thinking of how to get back. At that moment, his classmate challenged him to a bet. He won and took 200 bucks from the classmate even though he didn’t like it.

At that moment, he realised that he could solve his problems. He realised that he still had two months to attend his sisters’ marriage to meet his family after three years. Then he decided that he had to meet his family after two months for his sister’s marriage.

He took a new room which was very cheap. The room he lived in previously had all the luxuries. He eventually took up a job in an Indian restaurant as a cook. Cooking all the Indian dishes with help from his teacher – YouTube. He worked there for a decent salary.  He started doing his classmates’ assignments and charge ₹100 for each one he did.  And luckily, he wrote all the assignments differently. He had cut off all his bad habits and had started saving money to attend his sisters’ marriage.

He also started writing good notes during the class and sold it to his classmates only during the exams. In this process, he studied well too. He was so stressed, pressurised, depressed and lonely. However, he still fought.

Then the moment came to buy the flight ticket. It was too expensive. He just postponed his journey to five days, took the cheapest flight with just a backpack to his home. His friend helped him with the ticket. He realised friends help but up to a certain limit.

On the day of taking the flight, he sat with a bag on his lap. He felt like he had achieved something great in his life and remembered the moments he tried to commit suicide, how hard he had worked to overcome his problems.

Finally, he went to his sisters’ marriage. Everyone was waiting in the house for him. They cried after seeing him. That’s when he realised that he had lost a lot of weight. He started crying too since he was seeing his parents after three years. They hugged each other.

There is no winner or loser in the world. Everybody has a story. It’s about how well you write it.

Each and every problem in life has a solution. There may be problems related to education, business, money, addictive habits, depression, loneliness. Yet, anything can be overcome in life.

Suicide is the not the solution to the smaller problems in life. There is a lot left after the problems. Let us try to overcome them.

Life is precious.