Swachta is real success

Posted by Vipin Vajpai
December 14, 2017

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“Gandgi ke khilaf is ladai mein humko aage aana hai swachta ke hatiyar se isko dur bhagana hai”.   When we talk about swachta it is not only a question of national level, it is question of worldwide level. When our society is free from dirt is real swachta. Today we are living in 21 century and swachta is necessary for all and many programs organized for awareness for the need of swachta in now a days. But there are many obstacles in the path of swachta like Gandgi, unhygienic habits,uncleaness etc. If we not adopt the habits of cleaness many diseases spread in our society like dengue,malaria, these things are not enough when foreigners came our society,bad impression of our country put on foreigners because of dirt. We can adopt some hygienes to clean our society like throw your house waste in dustbin, regular handwashing,clean our house and society, habits of neatness in society.                                                      Important steps for swachta.        1.Cleanlines: Cleanlines is the medicine of all disease. Cleanlines is both the abstract state of being clean and free from dirt. Cleanlines is linked with proper hygiene. A person who is said to be clean usually depicts cleanlines. Cleanlines is not only keeping our body clean,but also keeping our society clean from dirt. This way we protect our society to disease cause by dirt.         2. Hygiene: Hygiene is a very important factor of preventing ourselves from disease caused by dirt. Hygiene means behavior that can improve Cleanlines and lead to good health like regular hand washing,bathing with soap and water. Many diseases can be spread if the hands ,face,or body are not washed appropriately at the key times. Hygiene is not only clean our hands,face but some Hygiene for clean our society this will help us to clean our society.     3. Neatness: Neatness is very important part of keeping our society clean. Neatness means the quantity of being tidy, with everything in its place. We can create awareness about the importance of keeping our environment clean. We can adapt the habits of being swach bharat , swach our society.                                In real sense swachta is necessary for all. This is important for our society. Awareness for the importance of swachta is very important for our society and youth. Swachta is first step of success.                                                              (Keep swach and keep successful).                                                            (Vipin vajpai).

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