#TalkingStalking: He Followed Me Daily Even If I Changed My Route

I am a married doctor doing my Post Graduate residency in a rural district of Karnataka. I had relocated outside the hostel to a flat near the medical college. I would ply the short distance in my car. My mother was staying with me. The stalking incidents started from January 1, when I noticed a well-built guy following me on a bike.

After following me for a considerable distance, he tried to stop the car. I was alarmed and thought something was amiss in my car or my driving, as I was a novice driver.

He just coolly came up and asked for my phone number. I immediately rolled up the window and sped away. This continued, every day, for over two weeks. I would try to take alternate routes, but that scoundrel would wait at the common lane just to follow me.

I had to resort to calling my dad to come along sometimes. It was all put to an end at last after three weeks. At a railway signal en-route home, he was waiting for my car. This time I didn’t bother to give the guy any figment of my attention! Even when he tried to knock on my glass window I didn’t turn to look.

I wanted to register a police complaint, but my family members dissuaded me from doing so.

I sometimes feel just not acknowledging their presence may dissuade at least some of them! I was glad it got over, but the mental anguish, pain and anger I felt throughout the episode is not something I ever want anyone to go through ever!