He Went to The Cops When I Didn’t Take His Calls

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December 14, 2017

Submitted Anonymously:

I had a friend – a casual friend, whom I stopped calling after I shifted to another city.

I had three prepaid mobile numbers. I deactivated two of them, and put the third one on roaming. Even though I didn’t take his calls, I was active on Facebook and other social media platforms. He had my email ID as well.

What he did next counts as pure harassment. He took my phone numbers to the police and registered a missing person complaint. I was disappointed, because I had made it clear to him that I did not want to keep in touch. This was not concern, but harassment. While I wasn’t contacted by the police, he did try to track me down and find my whereabouts.

I got in touch with him – and explained to him that this was not okay. After a year, he spotted me somewhere, and once again, he attempted to get back in touch.

I had shifted again. Still, he used to scout the area and stand near the gate of the building.

He would mentally harass me – threatening to stalk me, and more. While this did not take any overt form, this was still stalking, because I had already made it clear that I did not want to stay in touch with him.

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