My Ex Started Stalking Me Because I Said No

Posted by The Quint in Society
December 20, 2017

Submitted Anonymously:

I met him through a friend, and even though we were not exactly seeing each other, we were testing the waters. After only a few months of knowing him, I realised I didn’t really want to go ahead. He was overly possessive and I wasn’t comfortable. I think that didn’t go down well with him, and he started taking things rather personally. It seemed like he wanted to take the relationship ahead, whereas I did not.

Despite making it amply clear to him, he never understood and started stalking me.

Initially, I was very very scared. I was somehow not able to stop his hundreds of calls on my cellphone everyday. He would even send abusive messages, incessantly. I deactivated my profile on Facebook, as I was tired of the string of requests that he kept sending me through fake accounts.

I’d be scared to step out of my house, because I knew he was around.

Many times I spotted him around my home and workplace. Even if he was not there, he would send me messages indicating that he was around, and that he was ‘keeping an eye on me’.

Only after one and a half year of this mental torture, was I able to confide in my mom and a friend about this. Thankfully with my friend’s help, I managed to lodge a complaint against him with the cops.

I reported the matter to the Gurgaon cyber crime team, and thanks to the wonderful officials who understood the sensitivity of the issue, dealt with it really well. It was because of them that I was able to get rid of my ex.

This experience made me realise that cyberstalking is easy for people to commit, but hard to report. I hope that one day, we’re soon able to bring the cases of stalking down to zero.

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