#TalkingStalking: My Stalker Slyly Uttered Sleazy Things At Me

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December 21, 2017

Submitted Anonymously:

It was in my junior college days that I’d walk to college at 6 in the morning, every day. The distance would weigh on me – but I would walk, regardless, to save money.

Two weeks into college, I noticed that a man was following me from one specific spot to another. On the second day, he started getting sleazy over the phone while following me. I got scared when I heard him talk. I didn’t know if he was actually talking to someone on call or if he simply wanted me to hear whatever he kept uttering on the phone. But the next day, he did it again! And I figured this was his way of harassing me. However, I covered my ears and continued walking.

But one day, I stopped in the middle of the road while the man was pretending to be on call (as usual), and I let him walk past me before I resumed my walk. That one day of resistance worked wonders, and I never saw the tharki again!

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