tATA- You may win a Case but you lost our faith

Posted by Sahil Srivastava
December 21, 2017

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Our capital city is breathing in air which is equivalent to smoking over 20 cigarettes on a daily basis. Would you still consider yourself a non-smoker? Certainly not. 

With the rising number of vehicles in the capital city, the vehicular emissions are intoxicating the environment and continuing to suffocate us. Competing with the global markets, Indian companies might reach the zenith of success by introducing efficient ways to sell their products. Tata nailed this strategy by introducing diesel cars on road at affordable price range ignoring the fact that this profitable move may cost the public their health. Opposing the petition and plea for the ban, they may win a case but they forgot that they are losing the battle for health and environment. Diesel is harmful. Undoubtedly yes. 

It’s time that we stop allowing corporatocracy to influence the aspects concerning our health and environmental hazards. Let’s show them that our health matters more than the case and take measures at our personal levels to reduce harmful emissions.

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