Tech is vital to the global education system

Posted by Willian Reyes
December 13, 2017

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Long gone are the days when the church hall was a classroom and there was a single teacher to every town. We have travelled eons on the education highway since then. Digital breakthroughs and groundbreaking technological advancements have turned many classrooms into talking 3D cyber worlds. The equipment available now to the global education sector in first world countries in particular is a quantum leap ahead of what we knew a year ago.

Technology is evolving at such a tremendous rate, that many colleges, schools and universities are offering tech-savvy upgrade programs for teachers and parents to keep up to date with the digital edu-highway. The fact that technology is thriving and developing at a rate almost too fast for us to be able to keep up with every single new invention is not a negative for the picture of global education.

In Africa, dozens of hub points are being developed as we speak through a company called Educor. Their hubs then have surrounding VT zones and through this simple platform, hundreds and thousands of children will be afforded an education and be given a chance to make a contribution to the success of this world. The world wide web has provided the blueprint for homeschooling, be it a child, an adolescent or a parent who never had the chance to study but can now afford it.

The 1’s and zeroes have virtually crept into every corner of our lives, even with the latest AI advancements with the human brain as introduced by Elon Reeve Musk, the South African born Engineer, Inventor, Investor, Business Magnate and all round Visionary for this digital era that we stand before. His work alone will assist the human-AI bridge to remain a safe environment devoid of the myriad fears that have graced our shelves and television screens for years.

Apple is to launch augmented VR early in 2018 and Microsoft already began the race with VR, Google following suit with a VR hosting ground for creators and artists to create digital galleries that once stored in the cloud, could be accessed and visited by anyone with VR headset and the correct address. For the moment being we still belong to the 2D online education and online professional assistance. The concept to climbing up one more rung is not that farfetched nor that far away.

Education is on the precipice of an explosive breakthrough in becoming a virtual 3D look and feel classroom accessible to the world. Anyone, anywhere at any time can login and seat themselves in a lecture hall of their choosing. The professor, at home in his study, a thousand miles from the nearest connected student. He kisses his wife as she shuts his study door and he places the VR headset on, now he stands in front of over 10, 000 students. In this lecture hall the windows sneak a peek at a perfect blue sky. Education without prejudice or price. Education for all.

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