I Used To Fear Trans People, Till I Actually Spoke To Them

Posted by Shivani Thakkar in LGBT+, LGBTQ, Society
December 8, 2017

I came across a transgender person today and I was afraid as always. Why was I afraid? Or rather, what was it that I was afraid of?

Transgender people have ‘other’ available as an option for gender on forms – as if they were different. No, they are not different. They have the same skin, same hands, same legs, and they smile too. Then why are they treated differently? They suffer every day and every hour. They must be crying every night, blaming their god for creating them the way they are. How many of them must have attempted suicide just because people of this world call them different and treat them differently?

I used to be one of those people. Whenever a trans person used to come close, I used to hide myself in my mother’s arms and close my eyes. I remember, when I was six and I was travelling by train, a trans person turned up and I ran to hide in my mother’s arms. Why? I wonder why I was not told, “Don’t hide, they are just like us!” I wonder why I was not taught about them. I used to get afraid at the thought of their hard voice and their claps.

Today, I was all alone in an auto. Suddenly, my auto stopped at a red signal. I heard the same clap and voice. I stretched my neck out from the auto to look at the road. I saw a woman making that sound. Suddenly, I remembered my mom. But this time, I was all alone. Where would I hide? My heart started beating faster. I again looked out of my auto and tried to figure out what she was doing standing near the car window. I saw her take money from the driver and then she turned around and looked at me. I was staring at her.

She walked towards me and then stood near my auto and asked for money. I was wondering why she was asking for money. I again heard that hard voice. In a hurry, I took out my purse. While I was searching for money, she saw my tattoo. Yes, I have my name engraved on my right hand. She called me by my name and said, “You have a beautiful name.” She smiled, and for a while, I paused and looked at her. Thousands of thoughts ran through my mind. I gave her some money, noticing her beautiful smile and smiled back. She blessed me by placing her hand on my head. All my fears disappeared as she left.

The signal turned green and my auto started. I searched for her and spotted her with her friends, waving me goodbye. I waved back and smiled.

Many people in today’s world talk about sexual harassment, equal rights and feminism. They talk about respecting women, and providing them employment. I wonder why small children are only taught about cis men and women? Why are they taught that only cis men and women are equal? What about trans people? Are they not equal? I wonder when this world will accept trans people as well.