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The Elements and Solutions of Kitchen Pollution

Posted by Sahil Srivastava
December 27, 2017

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The first thing you want to get as you wake up is a cup of tea or coffee but what if we tell you that a single cup can cost you your life? Strange right! You would be surprised to know that as you step into the kitchen, you are surrounded by numerous pollutants that you are not even aware of.

For the love of cooking and trying out new dishes, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen that happens to be one of the most polluted areas of your home. Yes. You read that right.

So what actually comprises of the constituents causing kitchen pollution. Let’s check the most common agents contaminating your kitchen’s air.


Smoke evolved while cooking

While cooking, when the vegetable oil and animal fats are subjected to heat, release a chemical called acrolein. This chemical is harmful to the humans when inhaled. You would be shocked to know that this chemical was used in grenades during World War 2. Imagine how dangerous it can prove for the human health.



You can’t avoid activities creating these emissions completely but you can certainly reduce it or evacuate them. Use exhaust fans and chimney hood with good suction power so that the smoke can be circulated outside.


The fuel

We did move from the wood and coal to LPG but it is essential to use the fuel that has less carbon content. The fuel we burn is a mixture of hydrocarbons that releases carbon dioxide and vapours in the air, further polluting it. The higher the carbon content, the more the amount of emissions causing kitchen pollution.


Solution- The choice of fuel is quite detrimental in deciding the pollution level in your kitchen. The increase of around 10% in the usage and consumption of Liquefied Petroleum Gas in the Indian household reflects how we are considering our health while spending time in our kitchens. Recently, LPG is getting replaced by PNG that is Piped Natural Gas which is more refined than LPG meaning that it contains less carbon content and hence giving fewer emissions in the air. So choose your fuel wisely for it may be the reason for raising the pollution level of the kitchen.


Exposed Dustbins

We often think and consider that the waste of fruits and vegetables are not really harmful. We are unaware of the fact that these biodegradable wastes contain a lot of water content and moisture which inhibits the growth of molds to feed upon. The bacteria further spread in the air and pollute it.



Uncovered dustbins inside your kitchen is a big no. Keep your dustbins covered and dispose of them daily. The garbage kept over a prolonged period of time (that is days) start decomposing which again becomes an element to cause bacteria growth. Also, the foul smell contains chemicals pollutes the space. Also, these biodegradable waste can also be utilized well by composting it properly.


Electric Appliances

Convenience and comfort have taken over human lives. Electric appliances like toasters and air fryers do reduce time consumption and fuel usage but it does produce a bit smoke and emissions which add to kitchen pollution.



Try to include appliances in your cooking routine that use a renewable source of energy. Appliances like solar cooker and solar heater can be very well harnessed without harming the air.


The smoke evolved in the kitchen can constitute of chemicals and compounds like Volatile Organic Compounds, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter which can prove to be hazardous to your health. Also, including plants like Spider plant, Aloe Vera and English Ivy helps in absorptions of emissions from smoke and burnt gases and contribute to the purification of air.

A kitchen is a place you can’t avoid going to. So let’s make sure the space you enter to cook some of the most delicious food, is not impacting your health in any way.

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