Posted by Kapil Yadav
December 29, 2017

Whenever you visit a hospital it gives you hope and grasp you in many thoughts, about patients- doctors. Mostly Patients win over our sympathy as doctors are already declared god. A god needs no kind word. But this story is not about Patients it is about doctors and Management because this time patients are having fun at this particular hospital, भामाशाह योजना is paying off well, thanks to the government.

The general perception in our Country is doctors run the hospital and doctors take it very seriously which they shouldn’t then what will management do? Did Bell ring? As we all know ‘The culture’ of seniors (Bossism) or Ragging (Form has changed to Work torture) in our Medical colleges haven’t changed much as it happened in other educational fields. Reminiscent of this culture affects work ethics where a junior has to do all the work from (seeing the patients shift in the General ward ) where the senior takes a good nap without giving a thought that I should share the workload which is allotted to me. Knock knock?

This hierarchy leaves the fellow junior doctor in deep distress and tiredness, simple Junior fellow has to take care of all the patients without any complaints because if that happens the authority will scold the senior and ultimately, the junior who has to face the heat. Are you with me?

Its the human behavior that Absolute power corrupts absolutely applies to the so-called God, who is so ignorant and self-obsessed or maybe he/she prepared for yet another Degree, who knows., but he opted for Serving the needy not fellow doctors… right?  The perception,

Then what is management doing … On the mercy of doctors oh wait…People proclaimed God Or Our beloved Mahatma Gandhi said डॉक्टर में तो भगवान की आत्मा बस्ती है! But here we see No string attached.

Moreover Recent case of Rajasthan where government trying to regulate the doctors so that they have a hand over the doctor by Posting a RAS, which our Doctor association feels is not good for doctors and hospital management for the simple reason that obviously a RAS who studied Bachelor of arts cannot handle needs and requirement of doctors … Take a pause… now think what happened a few years ago over the issue of Management at FTII thankfully ANUPAM KHER saved the day.

This case is relevant because Doctors are on strike leaving hospitals in the crippled state fighting over the issue of Management for the whole Doctors community whereas in the hospital itself they are flaunting every rule for the sake of bossism, the irony in stark contrast. The nexus between Ministers and Doctors Run throughout the year and fight over conflict of interest always goes on. This tale leaves us nowhere.

Strikes left government no choice but listen to the demands only to boil it up again.

The issue of Management is really appalling in these private hospitals. Government hospitals are doing fine except infrastructure, pay hike and few cases of negligence.

What should be done? Is Tricky but a real issue in-hand and cannot be ignored for long. Our doctors need to learn from what? Management should be run by whom? What our institution need is Efficiency, which can only happen via Individual effort, sticking together and respect towards work.

Continuous strike of Doctors has no End Game, Ministers wants to hold on the doctors so that they can appoint whomsoever they want and Political corruption goes on with hefty money and trading lives. Our political bureaucracy is in a huge fix, changing and evolving so as problems but Management is the only solution to so many problems.

Who should be accountable for it? When will be the importance of management be considered necessary for delivering services and generating revenue?


Future circle: Once upon a time on one fine day these senior doctors will open their clinic and they will manage the hospital, patients, the fellow doctor , and it grows with time, one day it will become a good private hospital but that good relationship between three is changed now because more money is involved…hence it changed everything.

#Doctor_Who ( Fifth Pillar Of The State )