The Importance of Pooja and Seeking Divine Blessings

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December 29, 2017

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Pooja or adulation in Hinduism is a ceremonial worship that connects devotees with divinity. For some it may appear like a traditional ritual, but it holds greater significance. The act of worshipping symbolises one’s devotion toward the Almighty.

It shows how one surrenders his mind, body, soul, thoughts and desires to God! People belonging to Hindu community perform daily puja either individually or in group. It can be conducted on a number of occasions including festivals. Even wedding ceremonies see the ritual of puja which is done thoroughly.

What does one need to perform pooja?

One needs specific puja samagri to perform worshipping the Gods and Goddesses. Here puja samagri means essentials. This includes a variety of things such as dhoop, deep, lamp, incense, flower, roli, tilak, chandan, akshat, betel nuts, camphor and more. Each of the essentials has a specific meaning and use.

In ancient times hese puja items were procured naturally and traditionally. But now, devotees can shop puja samagri online from any part of the world. In recent times, the methods of adulations may have changes, but the essence is same- seeking the divine blessings.

Where can on perform pooja?

One can perform puja either visiting a temple or at home. If you have time, you can visit the temple early in the morning and adulate the Gods to seek their divine blessings. It doesn’t matter whether you go daily or once in while on special occasions. Even those who can’t visit a temple can conduct puja ceremonies at home. In both ways, it’s sure to gain you divine blessings.

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