the modern day pseudo love #talkingstalking

Posted by Apurva b
December 26, 2017

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                                                                                     What exactly is love? can the love take away the life of the other person? 

The recent incident which took place in hyderabad where a jilted lover poured petrol on woman and set her  ablaze in public shocked the city and raised the concerns over the safety of women. The alleged lover pre planned it ahead as the woman kept declining his proposals for marriage. The boy even though being her friend from past many years couldn’t take it when the girl declined his proposal. The notion in his mind that ‘ if i can’t have her no one else can’ took the life of the sole bread winner. The girl’s father passed away when she was young. So, on noticing her family scenario she worked hard and took up job to support her family.

 There were certain questions araised from society when it is unveiled that the victim accepted a phone from the alleged lover. But, the serious question here is- just because a woman has accepted certain favors from a guy , will that mean YES? the guy being her friend when gifted phone to her she would have accepted it. This kind of mind set raises serious concerns on the modern day youth’s attitude towards love.

                                      The crimes aren’t just confined to one gender. The other incident which happened in nagarkurnool where a wife killed husband for the sake of new fling shows that, crime isnt just confined to one gender. One side we are thinking that we are becoming modernised without knowing the real meaning of modernisation. MODERN isn’t just confined to the food,fashion etc. It is the attitude and tolerance towards the other person’s views that makes one a real intellect and modern.

               The modern INDIA sees progressiveness in materialistic things and in numbers but is showing the regression in the very values held by BHARATH for which the country is respected.

            Socialisation is the most important thing which can change the attitudes and can make man a better person. Kids instead of being rebellious and addicted to phones should come out and talk to people. The family is the back bone in reforming a person. A person should come out of his own nest and should talk to people only then the tolerance and the importance of relationships and the values and moralities will be developed. And only then this battle will be holistically won.

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