The Most Common Insults And Threats Men Send To Women On Tinder

Hurtful comments on the internet are nothing new. But when it comes to online dating, they can feel especially abusive —especially when they target a person’s safety and well-being.

We’re experiencing changing tides in the digital age. As more and more high-profile men are named in sexual harassment allegations in the United States, there’s hope that people will be increasingly held more accountable for their actions. After all, it’s one thing to sympathize with the women who have come forward; it’s another thing to realize the scores of victims who have had to remain silent in fear of losing their jobs or livelihoods.

For an idea of the state of online harassment, look no further than Tinder. This popular online dating app is designed to help people quickly connect with matches in their area—and yet, it’s also rife with hurtful comments, slurs, and even death threats, particularly for women.

The infographic below compiled the most common slurs sent to women, courtesy of an Instagram account called Bye Felipe. Warning: basically all of the language in here is offensive. 


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