The rapist god

Posted by Somitra Deshpande
December 16, 2017

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I may be blunt on this but ‘religion divides us and terror unites us’ that’s the rape of religion.”
With the recent horrifying incidents including the so called GODMEN and their blind devotees, we as Indians should be ashamed of ourselves for supporting our blind and baseless beliefs about the religions and their fake gurus. Most certainly these gurus exist because of the support and monetary funding of the people. He was just an addition to the long list of fake spiritual leaders from all over the country.
The latest of the convicted rapist GURMEET RAM RAHIM SINGH yes that is his name is been the leader of his clan since the 90’s. He was convicted in a 15 year old rape case. Just like his name the case was also continued for a long time .His violent followers brutally murdered 30 odd people and injured more the 250 people, after the verdict. Did these people do something wrong?
The answer is NO, they didn’t. This head of the sect called as DERA, was convicted in a rape case of two women at his ashram 15 years ago. The people who were killed or seriously injured had nothing to do with the rapes or the alleged GODMEN; they just lost their life in the prevailing violence, after the verdict. Railway stations were set ablaze, buses were burnt and for what, just because a rapist was convicted for his crimes. His sentence wan not even announced and the supporters started committing crimes.
For them their GOD did nothing wrong by raping those women, but what he did was purify them and liberated them from their sins. They were completely confident that their god raped, but it was just because it was his divine duty to do that. The religious beliefs of these followers restrained them from thinking rationally. It sucked the will to get the criminals convicted out of them and we don’t really need this type of religious groups in India, a country with already countless religions.
We as Indians should concentrate more on the scientific, economic and cultural progress of our country. We should admire personality like Dr.APJ ABDUL KALAM, who dedicated his life for the well being of this great country and the people. But what we do is put our bits on the people like gurmeet singh and asaaram , who are bound to let us down. It’s us who have made these gurus a thing. The spiritual leaders like these don’t deserve to be a part of prospering society.
The real problem here is the lack of education and blindly following gurus such as ram rahim singh without any rhyme or reason to it. To avoid such nuisance in the future we shouldn’t at random follow any cult or sect without knowing about its leader or the work done by the cult. People usually follow these cults to get a sense of purpose in life by following a set principle set by an inspirational leader that they look up to; instead of listening to these bogus gurus we should make our own principles and try to follow them yourself.

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