The Toughest Thing In The World – To Live Your Dreams

Posted by ANJALI YV
December 26, 2017

Just take out few mini-seconds from your busy schedule to introspect. Are you living a dream life? To live a dream, you require a lot of courage because every day you fight a battle with yourself where ultimately both the winner and loser is you.

Hardly, do we get people who have the wisdom to live a life of their own. What they do is adopt the pattern in which others push them to live or they copy it themselves because they don’t want to make an effort in thinking what they really want from their life. They adopt the same criteria of a home, money, car, fame as every other person wants to earn at any cost without realising that they never wanted all these things.

In my life, I am surrounded by many noble persons whom I consider close, to be living a dream. Of course, they don’t own it but they do possess it.

Okay, let me give some instances. Why go so far away when I have such people as my family, friends who are engraved in the tussle of what they should really do, what they want or what their parents want. Some are pursuing something because of parental pressure. Many parents want their dreams which they may have failed at themselves, to be fulfilled by their children.

Some don’t even know what dream they have which they really want to fulfil in life. Their dreams change, like the value of rupee changes as compared to a dollar. Or their dreams are like a high-tide or an increase in sensex of few points on which even a newbie in the stock market can bet that it is going to fall down.

I have a friend who had interest in painting but ended up as a law student because she never knew whether it was just her hobby or a dream she wanted to cherish. Someone who wanted to do journalism because she had good oratory skills and was effective while making presentations also failed.

My best friend took up a profession thinking it was her dream. She knew it was never hers but learned to live with it and ended up as a failure. Or one can say that she gave up and is now aiming for new possibilities.

I am not criticising their choice but why I feel pity for them is because they gave up. They now lack the basic instinct for the dream which had driven them. One puts up a dream in their ‘soul’. However, they are not much passionate, sincere or honest about it. They are doing it because they have to do something to show the world in monetary terms but not in terms of true happiness.

What I want to say is that no work or profession is bad to live a dream. One can do many things simultaneously. So take out time for yourself and plan to live your dream because your dream includes the true you, the finest you. So take a stand to do what your heart says because I aspire to be an IAS  officer so that I can help the needy – the one who has the equal right to live among us, learn among us and grow among us. I always wanted to be a writer and I am also living my dream on that front.

You are born empty handed and you will die empty-handed. What you truly possess is your dream because you are the one who owns it.’