Dear Survivor, Today You’re Here And That’s What Counts

Posted by Swatilekha Chakraborty in Mental Health
December 18, 2017

Hello survivor,

Yes. That’s what I would like to call you – even when they have made you feel like a victim, and have called you one. The very fact that you are here today, makes you a survivor. So, congratulations!

What have we survived?

We have survived the age old stigma of being called ‘mental patients’. Shunned by our own people at times (who have made us feel weak and vulnerable), we have survived the countless attacks on our entity, our sense of belonging and our identity.

This is for any of you going through mental health issues. Take it from me – from someone who has been living off  of counselling and medication, and struggling with addictions like smoking and alcohol – you are not weak. You are god damn strong, and never let anybody make you feel otherwise.

This is for the society at large. Why do we lack compassion? Where are we going? You rape kids as young as four-years-old, and then create a ‘hush-hush’ about sensitive people who bother to feel.

It is time we take mental illness seriously. It is time we look at addicts with compassion, and not look at them as victims and stupid people who cannot keep their life together.

People dealing with mental illnesses may also release less dopamine, which is supposed to be important for one’s happiness. Thus, people struggling with mental health need compassion and proper treatment, and not your pity and words of empty advice.

This is for anyone going through some illness. I am proud of you for fighting it so well. I just want to reach out and ask you to speak up. Stand up for yourself, because no one else would. The road to recovery is not an easy one. But dear survivor, you can do it! It is possible. And somewhere, as a society, if we get together and do what needs to be done, I’m sure no one will feel as horrible, helpless and alone as they do while fighting a mental illness.

A fellow survivor