In 2017, These 35 Writers Broke The Silence With Their Stories On YKA

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December 28, 2017

We could not have asked for a more exciting 2017! From thousands of people publishing their stories on the platform, to these stories leading to real-world impact, YKA’s users have been at the center of it all!

As we gear up for a better 2018, here are the users that brought forward some of the most powerful stories and experiences on YKA in 2017. These extraordinary people just like you continue using the platform to speak up on things that matter:

1. Abha Khetarpal

The PM gave people with disability a new ‘label’, but who will pay attention to what they really need?

2. Syed S Tauheed

Revisiting cinema that shares more than just a story.

3. Savio Daimary

In a country obsessed with cricket, Savio reveals the harsh reality faced by national-level athletes.

4. Prerna Sharma

Women in India are still trapped by period stigma, Prerna tells us how much worse it is for girls from small towns.

5. Raju Murmu

Was Mangal Pandey the first man to revolt against British only to overshadow a tribal leader’s struggle?

6. Bijaya Biswal

The ‘shocking’ truth in a country that pretends Indian women don’t have any sexual urges.

7. Tanmoy Bhaduri

One of YKA’s most active users brings us a reality we see every day but never really acknowledge.

8. Deepak Bhaskar

In Bihar, arranged marriage is another grilling interview that will judge you for everything – from your cooking skills to your salary.

9. Nafees Ahmad

The importance of fighting an oppressive caste structure that goes against the foundation of Islam.

10. Rajeev Choudhary

It isn’t just one community, religion, or caste. It’s an angered mob that refuses to listen to any reasoning and only calms down with blood on its hands.

11. Tanya Jha

A fresh perspective at ‘Ram’ – a name used to absolve the sins of the dead, and as a convenient excuse to kill.

12. Umesh Kumar Ray

A quick tour of the quirky toilet museum and how the world takes a dump!

13. Simran Keshwani

In a year that’s been full of online hate, a powerful example of how to engage with trolls in a rational and logical manner.

14. Isha Chitnis

A shameful reminder of how sexual harassment is normalised, but also a powerful example of what it means to speak up.

15. Preeti Parivartan

A sharp commentary on how we’re fine with item numbers, and making Sunny Leone a top-rated adult film actor, but not a human being.

16. Josh Talks

Inspiring stories of Indian changemakers who are bringing a positive change to thousands of lives.

17. Kumar Deepak

While those in power are ignoring climate change, Kumar brings us the reality of how it’s affecting our lives every day.

18. Harish Iyer

The stigma around divorce forces many to remain trapped in bad marriages. Harish spells out just how both men and women are stereotyped after divorce.

19. Annu Singh

When those who sexually harass women read about the rise in rapes and sexual violence in the country, what do they think?

20. Tina S

In the much debated Kangana-Hrithik media debacle, a voice of reason that stands out from the rest.

21. Nandini Mazumder

A strong narrative on drug addiction and how it can affect anyone. Adding gender-based stigma to it only makes things worse.

22. The Egoist Poststructuralist

An honest account of how even the LGBTQ+ community is not immune to discrimination.

23. P. Radhakrishnan

In a 5-part series, an in-depth analysis of the Sachar Committee report on the economic, social and political status of Muslims in India.

24. Suchetana Sinha

The dangers of questioning religion at a time when it could get you killed.

25. Harbans Singh Sidhu

Providing a gripping first hand account of the day that triggered the 2002 Gujarat riots.

26. Agents of Ishq

Breaking the age-old stigma around women’s sexuality in a tell-all survey!

27. Delhi University Queer Collective

Throughout Pride Month, this power user brought to us touching stories of coming out and what it means in the times of Section 377.

28. Saksham Mishra

Breathing in life to YKA’s sports section with unique stories and reportage.

29. Rachana Priyadarshini

Reminding everyone that it’s 2017, and there’s no place for body shaming.

30. Shakti Avasthy

In light of the violence that broke out following Baba Ram Rahim’s arrest, an important analysis of the hold self-styled people of God have in the country.

31. Nilutpal Timsina

On the ridiculous need of the media to chase breaking news and passing unrequired verdicts.

32. Surabhi Pandey

A reminder of how speaking up against sexual violence can lead to real change.

33. Urmila Chanam

The combination of stigma and discrimination around HIV/AIDS, creates a dangerous opinion (or fear) in one segment of society which ends up affecting the survival of others.

34. Prashant Pratyush

An important look at century-old superstitions that still hold a dangerous power on a massive number of Indians.

35. Sumantra Mukherjee

While the media ran after Baba Ram Rahim’s arrest and Padmavati, Sumantra revealed the plight of farmers across India who are still being ignored by the government.

We are extremely grateful to have you as part of our community. And in 2018, we hope to see you publish even more powerful stories on the Youth Ki Awaaz platform!