Can Rahul Gandhi Bring The Transition That The Congress Party Needs?

Posted by Sneha Swaminathan
December 13, 2017

The recent election of Rahul Gandhi as the president of the Congress party is nothing less than an open-ended question. This development has multiple connotations for the future of the Congress party in specific and the larger political scenario of India, in general.

With the majestic entry of the BJP into mainstream political discourse, it was quite evident that the Congress was losing its sheen and importance as a party which led the freedom struggle. The party in its lowest days, faces several challenges – including a lack of initiative and direction. The party was considered to have given in to dynasty politics and nepotism, as observed by a wide spectrum of commentators. Leadership is vital for the Congress to address its three big challenges: rejuvenating the party, firming up alliances and constructing a sound plan of action.

Rahul Gandhi, as seen, has been very pro-active with regard to his political involvement in the ongoing Gujarat elections. He is giving a tough competition to Prime Minister Modi at his home turf. His initiative to collaborate with the youth leaders in Gujarat, and carefully observing the wrongful deeds of the BJP shed light on his newly found assertiveness. Maybe as a party president, he might undo the lack-lustre crisis that the Congress is currently facing.

It all boils down to his independent initiative and political instinct. Simply reacting to the Modi government or being un-modi will not suffice.