Ultimately fooled the country

Posted by Konda Reddy
December 26, 2017

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We do not know who fooled the country. It may be Saini or Congress or both togehther and weakened the case. KARU blackmailed Italian looter that Raja and Kani would point their fingers at her if she does not protect them. So she must have called her boyus, like sibal the errand boy and asked him to work overtime e and liquidate all the witnesses and as Saini said no witness appeared. IS IT NOT STRANGE THAT NO WITNESS CAME IN TO GIGIVE EVIDENCE IN THIS HIMALAYAN CORRUPT CASE AND RAJ AND ADMITTED THAT HUNREDS OF CRORES WERE DEPOSITED IN MAURITIUS AND HUNDREDS IN MALAYSIA. THE whole world knows the corrutpition of kani and raja. they want to escape and run away with the bounty and the big man with one-eye is blessing them. with such a victorieous smile. ultimately the whole nation including congress supporters and sympathisers were fooled by the ONE-EYED DEVIL AND HIS GUTTER FAMILY. ONE THING FOR CERTAIN, THERE IS NO GOD IN THE WORLD. IF THERE IS ONE, HOW CAN SUCH AN ATROCITY HAPPEN???? PEOPLE ARE DISILLUSIONED SEEING THIS DAY-LIGHT ROBBERY BY SONIA-KARU JOINT VENTURE WITH THE BLESSINGS OF MAHA-MUTTAL SINGH AND CHIDDY CHETTY.

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