Vacation For Your Soul

Posted by Rachita Sharma
December 8, 2017

Traveling alone is like going out on a journey naked, and returning back with layers of clothing. Layers of different thoughts, customs, perceptions, cultures – all of this makes you open up your mind and let’s you see a different perspective.

Let’s witness the dawn and darkness, meanwhile dive in deeper to explore our very own dawn and darkness. Life isn’t about getting everything fast but more about making those things stay longer – irrespective of their arrival. Life is about cherishing the little moments. To me, life is about being lively and alive. The sunrise looks more beautiful after long dark nights, and so does happiness and success.

Face your fears, believe in yourself. We all have the potential to climb mountains, and make miracles happen. Find your magic, find it in yourself.

It is important in life to stop. As much as it is important to keep running, it is as important to stop and reflect back on the journey. Life is all about the hustle, but don’t forget to appreciate your journey.

I wish to run away to places where I can read books and listen to music and I wish to run away to places where I won’t be judged. I want to just pull up my blanket, and see the rain droplets fall on my window pane for hours. I want to go to a place where I could embrace the beauty of nature, and appreciate this wonderful gift of life.

On some day, I can just stop and breathe. Other days, I want to carry on the hustle and work hard. We always pay a price in life for all the choices and decisions we make. I want to run, fall and rise again, to conquer all my fears and face all the dangers. I wish to shine amidst the darkness, and put in genuine efforts to reach where I want to be.

It is my dream and I am the one responsible, if I fail. I don’t want to fail. I want to protect my dreams. They are beautiful and they make me live. But some days, I want not to be governed by clocks or money or any of the restraints that humanity imposes on itself. I just want to be limitless, boundless and infinite.

All I wish to be, is a gentle breeze amidst the storm, some days.

Originally published here.