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Posted by Alqama Zafar
December 12, 2017

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As it is my welcome post it is my responsibility to thank Youth Ki Awaaz that it gives a platform to express   himself.Community awareness is really important because this is the era of fake propaganda but as a responsible   citizen of a country it is our duty to counter the things that is threat to integrity of nation.We belong to country which   belongs to Mahatma Gandhi,JawaharLal Nehru,Maulana Azaad and Vallabh Bhai Patel and many Indian who fought   with British to give a free India which should be free from caste,religion,creed and many other socially discarded thing.we should also have to follow this traditon to make a great India.

we all have to remember two thing that one thing is above all first is humanity and second is constitution.As we have talked about constitution we should have not to forgot our constitution maker who have taken immense pleasure in making our constitution.My tribute to our beloved Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar.One thing we have to remember that “Whenever any civilization fails it is because of failure of administrative machinery”so we have to stress on making our administrative transparent and accountable.

At last we have to promote brotherhood feeling among our neighbours.We all have to perform our duty of being a citizen,first is to clean our neighbour, second healthy environment of living,apart from blaming government for everything we should also have to blame ourself for wrong doing of society.If we really want to make India great again we should have to come together.

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